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To create a key message and to bring that to key channels is the ultimate goal for an agency like ours. We have conceptualised and created interesting and vibrant consumer journeys for brands through meaningful campaigns.

At Umami Comms, we take a collaborative approach to our campaigns. By bringing together the collective insights and creativity of our team, we develop unique and multifaceted strategies that are unparalleled in the industry. When multiple Umami functions work together on a project, it creates a buzz both within and outside the agency.

As we transitioned to the pre-opening phase, our approach materialised in compelling ads, offering a glimpse into the newly opened restaurant. These immersive videos not only showcased the Zenon experience but also commanded attention as the focal point of a digital campaign displayed throughout Dubai Mall. Simultaneously, the Zenon team orchestrated animations on the Burj Khalifa, seized and amplified by the Umami team to intensify the buzz across social media channels.


Our campaign unfolded strategically, dissecting teaser, pre-opening, and post-opening content. During the teaser phase, the team immersed themselves in crafting 3D animated videos, inspired by Zenon's fusion of Greek and Japanese cuisine. The visual style, anchored in AI art, contributed to a distinct theme that resonated across various digital touchpoints.

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When Dave's Hot Chicken, the fastest-growing chain of hot chicken restaurants in America, approached us to launch their brand in the UAE, we were eager to help. We created an out-of-the-box launch campaign that generated significant social media buzz, and continued to develop content for their new venues and events. Our efforts helped to establish Dave's Hot Chicken as a major player in the UAE market.

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Umami created a campaign to launch the Glenfiddich Grand series in Dubai over 9 months in 2021 / 2022. It was called “Mavericks DXB”. We conceptualized the multi- layered campaign - creating the idea to celebrate 3 creative Mavericks in Dubai. The idea for the campaign was to find a selection of “Mavericks” from the creative set in Dubai. We briefed them to create a piece of art or creative work based on one of the Glenfiddich Grand Series expressions.


Umami were chosen as the primary content creators for a number of Abu Dhabi Culinary campaigns. One example our agency delivered was a comprehensive campaign, which encompassed launch videos from inception to post-production for the "Summer of Ice Cream" retail campaign.

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The UMAMI team managed all aspects of pre-production right through to the studio shoot to create vibrant and popping video and photography visuals for a variety of spots including TikTok & IG channels.


As Pickl expanded their operations, we partnered with them to create both macro and micro campaigns. We developed launch strategies for new locations, and designed campaigns for apparel drops and delivery locations. Our efforts helped to build buzz around the brand and drive engagement.

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