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The approach we take on social is to truly express a brand in its most fluid space... which is its own! Our creative team has a full spread of support in a very agile space including animation, design, strategy, content creation, posting/ management and community engagement.

Content is king, and storytelling is its queen. Social should be regal.​

Le Clos_Château Rothschild.jpg

Umami took on the challenge of crafting Le Clos's social media persona, specialising in premium offerings from vintage wines to the epitome of single malts, defining luxury. Our influence extended beyond the retail landscape, shaping a narrative that elevated the brand into a statement of lavish lifestyle. Immersed in graphic design and photography, we orchestrated an artful direction for their social media platforms, fusing elegance with creative flair.

LeClos_RoseSummer V4_1.jpg
LeClos_RoseSummer V4_2.jpg
LeClos_RoseSummer V4_3.jpg

Umami successfully managed the social media presence of Il Ristorante - Niko Romito, an esteemed two Michelin star restaurant, as well as the 50th ranked bar by the World’s 50 Best Bar. Bulgari, known for its strong brand identity and high-quality portfolio, sought to establish a social media presence that aligned with their ethos and produced exceptional content. Our ability to comprehend and comply with Bulgari's rigorous brand standards enabled them to deliver top-notch content while effectively showcasing the unique story of the restaurant.

LION - OS V2.jpg

Umami’s first foray into the FMCG world was with the launch of the Old Spice page in the Middle East. We were brought on board to handle their social media as well as to create campaigns to increase awareness and reach. Over the course of a year and a half, we managed to get engagement rates up to 33.5% (January 2021) through strategic usage of competitions as well as influencer outreach, and with over 1600 comments on competition posts, we ensured that all client needs were met through our campaigns. 

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Umami managed the launch of PR and social media for a brand new burger restaurant that opened in Dubai in March, 2019. The IG handle was @eatpickl .

Two months prior to opening Umami designed a strategy and created content to make an impact for opening. The Umami team managed all comms online
and on all PR, and social media channels from January 2019 to January 2021 for the brand. 
Engagement rates on social media were between 7% and 18% every month from February 2019 to January 2021. (Industry benchmarks for brands vary between 3% - 4%.)

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