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Brought to life in 2021, this addition to our suite of creative services is a welcome complement to the agency.

The Umami design studio brings briefs to life in a variety of visually tasteful ways. From full brand conceptualisation, to naming, to brand storytelling, identity building and creating smart visual applications, the branding vertical at Umami is dynamic, cultured and fresh.



Amici Miei, an Italian trattoria concept rooted in the spirit of cheeky classic movies, originated in Milan. We spearheaded the rebranding of this restaurant, transforming it into a home away from home, with a spotlight on the essence of sharing, love, and the joyful facets of comforting Italian cuisine. Our visual approach seamlessly blends the old and the new, employing classic colors and striking iconography to breathe vibrant life into this retro trattoria.


Elder Square is not just a day center; it's a dynamic hub tailored for active senior citizens. Here, they can dive into physical activities, join engaging workshops, and have medical consultations. Think of it as a modern twist on senior care, aimed at ensuring seniors live their best and most joyful lives. Beyond that, it's a space for them to network, meet others, and relish their free time—creating a vibrant community where every moment is filled with connection and enjoyment.

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In June of 2022 we engaged in a brief to conceptualise a brand identity for an exciting Chai-centered cafe in Canada. The cafe aims to evoke the feeling of walking through the bustling streets of South Asia. Chai Gully prides themselves on sticking to traditional methods of making and serving chai, as well as giving their audience an authentic desi experience.

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In the summer of 2023 the Umami team was commissioned to create the corporate identity for a new hospitality consultancy group called Against All Odds.


We worked with our “AAO” partners to develop their visual style that required levels of impact, modernity and grace. Part of our scope was designing logos, palettes, presentations, business cards, email signatures and the look for the website.


Changing the game is hard, and it is usually

Against All Odds!

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In April of 2022 we engaged in an exciting brief to conceptualise a brand identity for a new bar. The bar was part of the legendary DIFC restaurant - Roberto's. The team set to work on bringing a new strand to the Italian institution.

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